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Players Premier
Nigel Speight
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Unspecified custom loader

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Andrew Buchan
Chris Bourne

War Machine is a really the complete Bore Machine. You'd expect the Players Premiere label to come up with something better than this crap but no.

As usual, you have been selected for a dangerous mission. You must rid an asteroid of a nasty alien queen and her swarming armies of nasty little breeders. To accomplish this you must collect the parts of a secret weapon in order to kill her whilst creating the maximum amount of destruction on the asteroid.

There's nothing new here, in fact I thought this type of genre of game was dead and buried but like the living dead this lives on.

The complex of the queen is large and you need to collect keys to get from one part to another. You get five lives with which to complete your long and boring task.

There are two weapons: a gun and a grenade and I didn't see any scoring on the game.


Label: Players Premiere
Price: £2.99
Joystick: Kempston
Reviewer: Andrew Buchan

It's crap. Run away from it on sight!


Screenshot Text

Leap, sproing, zap. Yes it's all go as you try to kill the Queen of the asteroid and her swarming army of 'orrible little breeders.