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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

As the title suggests, this is a quiz for up to four players, which uses the formal of a board game. The player has to answer a variety of general knowledge questions and move four chips around the board. As in most hoard games, you need a throw of 1 or 6 or a multiple of 6 to begin. The questions which have to he answered are quite varied, eg:

Which number comes next? 3 6 9 12
We can cross the. sea in a - - -
How many legs has a bee?

An excellent feature of the Clever Clogs series is the Parents ' Page. By pressing CAPS SHIFT and Q when the message' Press P to play ' comes up, the adult can reset the questions This. of course, means that the quiz can be used with children of varying ages and abilities, and gives the program immense potential for school use.

The sensible notes which accompany the game gives some useful advice to parents: 'When resetting the questions. don't make them too difficult, but gradually increase the challenge. Add questions on your telephone number or address, link some into the spelling lists from school... that way you will keep them busy for hours, and learning basic skills.'

Inventive parents and teachers could, I am quite sure, make extremely profitable use of this game. I intend to use it to help teach children Library Research skills through questions like:

What dues the tern fiction mean?

Colin enjoyed this game though he felt, as I did. that the instructions could have been clearer and that the layout of the hoard could have been explained at the start, as it takes the player quite a while to become orientated


Control Keys: CAPS SHIFT/Q for Parents' Page; answers to questions typed out as normal
Keyboard Play: good
Use of Colour: simple and clear
Graphics: confined to the representation of a games board
General Rating: A very enjoyable program which has endless potential both for use in the home, and in schools.

Not Rated