Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

The film was probably a bit crap (I didn't actually see it), and so's the game unfortunately. It's a very ordinary scrolling beat-'em-up where you've got to rescue a couple of chicks who've been kidnapped by some baddie or other. There are a couple of novelties. The most exciting one is that it scrolls from left to right (ie your character walks along from right to left), which means that the other innovation isn't very thrilling at all. You actually control three characters, although two of them just follow the third around. You've got to swop between them to take advantage of the special skills of each.

The graphics aren't particularly good, naff animation being her main problem. There's not a lot of variety either - just two main types of baddie and the odd weapon to pick up. But the numero uno snag is that it just feels a bit silly. The character under your control responds very strangely to the controls - not in the least bit human - and the other two look ridiculous following your every move. Worst of all though is that it's just a beat-'em-up with a film's name bolted on. Tsk.


Screenshot Text

Well, I've heard of wall-hangings, but this is ridiculous. Let me dooown!