Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Wildwater is programmed by one of the guys responsible for the next Grandslam biggie The Running Man.

Canoeing is a fairly unusual subject to base a game on, but this is simple: pass through the gates in numerical order (1-8) within a five minute limit.

Points are scored for going through in the correct order, but be warned they are also deducted if you can't count. Control of the canoe is initially tricky, especially as there are underwater currents pulling the inexperienced canoeist all over the shop, but after a few tries the beast is tamed and the adrenalin pumping fun begins.

Also beware of hitting objects in the water, this knocks up the damage meter and will eventually lead to an early bath. Wildwater is a good simulation game that is well worth a paddle.