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Timescape Software
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Chris Bourne

Step out into the cacti strewn desert and shoot it out with rampaging bandits.

In most respects this game resembles the robotic Frenzy type, where you find yourself surrounded and heavily outnumbered by the enemy. Instead of maze walls there are clumps of cacti, treacherous trees and other obstacles which mean instant death when touched.

The hero himself is assembled in the centre of the screen rather as he is in Virgin's Spectron, out of little bits which whizz on from the top, bottom and sides.


'Our hero (Chris 'Clint' Passey) stepped out onto the plain with his automatic fire and repeat Colt 45 (based on the Fistful of Dollars guns no doubt) and had a go. The firing is continuous; all you have to do is move around and let the Colt do the rest. The bandits don't shoot back but they outnumber you heavily. The trick is to manoeuvre across to the side and shoot back across as the bandits home in your position. It's fairly easy at first, but with subsequent screens things really hot up as the numbers of bandits increase.'

'A nice inlay and witty instructions back up the jolliest title screen yet, with nicely scrolling logo round the edges. It's really a Frenzy or Berserk type of game, but the smoother graphics, which are quite big too, and the sheer speed make it exciting to play. The dangerous objects littered about which restrict your movement are also an added improvement.'

'This is the best Berserk game I've seen yet, with big graphics and responsive controls. You get bonus lives after 20.000 points - that takes some going!'

Keyboard positions: sensible, 0/A up/down, SYMBOL SHIFT/SPACE left/right
Joystick option: Kempston
Keyboard play: responsive, smooth, 8-directional
Use of colour: good
Graphics: very good
Sound: good
Skill levels: increasing difficulty by screen
Lives: 3

General Rating: Very good.


Screenshot Text

'Howdee folks! Just step this way, mind the cacti, and become a WILD WEST HERO.'