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CDS Microsystems
Mike Lamb
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


BELIEVE it or not, you have been put in a saddle an the sky in Winged Warlord for the 16K Spectrum. The horse you are riding has wings and you have a lance with which you must unseat the blue warriors from their winged horses.

Unseating the blue devils is not sufficient to kill them as they float to the ground, as if they had parachutes. You must run them through with your lance before their faithful steeds come to the rescue.

The game is similar to arcade Joust which has stormed the States and is finding favour in Britain. The ostriches used an the original version have, however, been replaced by horses.

There are two ways in which you can die during the game, when you will lose one of your four lives. You can be unseated by an enemy knight or you might encounter the Evil Bird of War which looks more like a duck than a personification of evil.

The graphics are amusing and the game is fun to watch as well as play.

Winged Warlord has a two-player option. That means only that you can take turns to spike the enemy and notch high scores. It is a pity players cannot challenge each other using different parts of the keyboard. The game would have been slower on that option but more interesting. It can be obtained from CDS Micro Systems.

Memory: 16K
Price: £5.95