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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Put on your goggles, spend £100 on a pair of skis and set off to a snowy climate in Winter Olympiad. I've had enough of snow lately - you can't step out of the door at CRASH without falling on your bum! - but playing this was much safer.

Five winter sports events are packed into this game: Downhill, biathlon, bob sled, ski jump and slalom. All are portrayed with well drawn and animated snowy graphics and test your fingers to the full. Yes folks, this is one of those games where waggling left and right on the joystick or prodding at the keys builds up your players speed.

Winter Olympiads presentation is excellent. It's a pity the gameplay doesn't follow suit. I couldn't stand the controls for very long. You prod away and it seems like nothing happens until you're about to explode with rage, then the skier starts moving!

The events have all been seen before in other winter sports simulations, and have been programmed at lot better before, too. The annoying controls put me off Winter Olympiad. A reasonable game but nothing to shout about.



Screenshot Text

Weeeeeee! The downhill skiing bit in Winter Olympiad (it goes really fast!).