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John Jones-Steele
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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John Gilbert
Chris Bourne


YOU ARE invited to spend an evening with the evil wizard Cinslair and his many denizens in a new game for the 48K Spectrum, Wizard's Warriors. You must shoot the blue, yellow and white warriors as you progress through the crypts of his castle and confront the wizard at the abyss between this world and Hell.

The game sounds fascinating in theory but the Abersoft implementation is less than perfect. When the game is first loaded you have the option either of reading through or skipping the instructions. One press of an incorrect key and you will be left with no idea of the control keys or how to play the game. There are no instructions on the cassette insert, despite the fact that many players often need a crib sheet to refer to if their fingers stray from the correct keys.

The instructions are displayed on three screens before play. That is possible because each screen has been tightly packed with words. It makes comprehension very difficult.

The last page of instructions shows the keyboard configuration. It can be easily missed if you keep your finger on the key too long when changing from one page to the next. The keys have been made too sensitive and the only way to return so the instructions is by re-loading the game.

The Wizard's Warriors costs £4.95 from 7 Maes Afallen, Bow Street, Dyfed SY24 5BA.

Not Rated