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Activision Inc
Not Known
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

What a classic arcade machine! I don't know what makes Wonderboy so appealing - probably the mixture of cartoon style characters, frustratingly addictive gameplay and platform layouts and evil snails!

The idea is to rescue your girlfriend Tina from the clutches of the evil King. He lives far away, so there's a lot of travelling to do before you reach her on foot or by zippy skateboard to get there double quick.

If you're used to modern super smooth scrolling and almost full colour sprites, Wonderboy is a shock. The smoothing jerks all over the place but doesn't spoil the game too much and graphics are monochrome, with a different colour for each level. They're nicely drawn though, and quite close to the arcade in all but size. All the nasties of the coinop are here including the slimy snails, spitting snakes and the frog that just sits there and croaks!

It s good fun and a joy to play on the 128K with no waiting between levels at all. The 48K has the horrid multi-load system. If you are after an addictive arcade adventure this is for you.