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Eclipse Software
J.M. Weightman
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

A few issues back we reviewed Space Art by Eclipse Software, and received a number of enquiries about it. This new program uses hires graphics to draw a 3D image of the world globe as seen from outer space.

Rotation may be in any direction east/west or north/ south using the cursor keys in incremental steps of 1 degree (slow), 15 degrees (Normal) or 45 degrees (Fast). The screen display shows the current latitude and longitude of the centre of the globe which is indicated by a flashing yellow box, the direction and speed of rotation and the starting point.

The program may be used in two ways by going through the Pick option to choose a start point either by latitude and longitude references, or by choosing the features list which then displays four options - Cities, Countries, Islands or Features. These four pages contain 240 locations. Choosing a location will result in the flashing cursor square being placed centrally on the chosen location, such as a country or an island, or on the discharge point of a river. The inlay card contains a print out of the pages with all the locations listed together with their reference points.


World Globe should make an interesting program in connection with school Geography work. The hi-res drawings are of necessity a little on the crude side, but they do reflect the shapes of the countries well, and show the 3D foreshortening effect as continents disappear over the planets rim quite well. Each rotational scan is redrawn , which lends a flickery aspect to it, and it would have been much nicer to have a continuous, smooth animation, but probably too expensive on memory with all the continuous line calculations being done.

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