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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Football management as you have never seen it before! Manage any of the great British clubs through the leagues of one of the ultimate world soccer competitions around. All the European sides are here to battle against you.

I had real high hopes for World Soccer when I first saw it. 'Fantastic full colour graphics', I thought as I looked at the screenshots on the packaging. Once the game had loaded up there they were: an excellent title screen, bursting with colour, animated sequences with a television reporter blabbing about a game and other great graphics on the other game options. The only thing that is missing is the game of football itself. I really can't stand football games which just give you the result of the game without you seeing any action. That is why the reporter option has been included, he tells you the basic details of the match, but that just isn't enough.

You can choose from plenty of options in World Soccer. They're all displayed by icons around the title screen. Bank gives you the bank manager and the current balance. On air allows you to choose to have a reporter telling you about the match or not and medic OK's the players who are match fit and available for squad duty.

Zeppelin Games really seem to have got it together these days. All their games sport brilliant full colour graphics and resonable tunes. You can't help noticing some of the similarities with many CodeMasters releases though.

World Soccer is definitely a game for the football management fanatic: with the added attraction of some good presentation, this is a real winner.