Postern Ltd
Dean Software
ZX Spectrum 16K

Jon Hall, Tony Samuels, Mark Knight
Chris Bourne

This looks like some sort of educational cross between Hangman, anagrams and crosswords. The game begins with a line of dashes that show where the letters go, with the letters appearing - jumbled up - on the right-hand side of the screen.

Tony: There's minimal use of colour, but that's not surprising in a text-only game. But more use of it might just have encouraged the very young to play the game a little longer. 6/10

John: This is a user-friendly program with a well laid-out screen that's easy to see and a useful Help option. An enjoyable game to play. 7/10

Mark: This is a fairly interesting program to play - especially so if you like your word games even more difficult, with the clues being given as a jumbled-up mess! Overall, absorbing and good to while away a few hours. 7/10