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Activision Inc
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

Dave: Zenji is the latest in a long line of computerised puzzles and it comes complete with the obligatory mish-mash of philosophical bits and pieces that are traditionally used to jazz up this type of program.

In order to achieve 'Zenji' you must rotate the maze 'elements' (straight lines, corner pieces and 4T' shapes) so that they all join up with a particular clement known as the 'source'. Rotation is achieved by moving your face-shaped player to the centre of the element you wish to turn and pressing a special key (or the joystick button J along with a rotation key. In normal use the rotation keys move you left and right, with two more keys for up and down. There's a time limit for the completion of each maze (which get bigger as the game progresses) and 'Flames of Desire' appear which follow you around and quite rightly provoke fatal consequences if touched.

Zenji will appeal mostly to puzzle enthusiasts but on the higher levels it becomes quite a test of arcade skill. As the cassette sleeve says, you have to 'let go' and leave your fingers to do the work on their own. 3/5 MISS

Ross: Quite an intriguing little mind-twister with reasonable graphics and easy-to understand instructions. However, that's not saying it's easy to play. If you like 'thinking' games, then this could be worth a look. 2/5 MISS

Roger: The 'Flames Of Desire' are not a threat I learnt to fancy much but that's not because I suffer 'illusions'... Lust for success and puzzling enlightenment failed to overcome my lack of skill, Oh Grey One... 4/5 HIT