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Crystal Computing
Programming: Assembler/Mcode
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


ZEUS was father to the gods and the new Zeus assembler for the 48K Spectrum is the big daddy of all assembler programs. It is very simple to use for the beginner but for someone who has even a basic knowledge of the subject the program can be a powerful machine code tool.

The lines of assembly code are given line numbers so that it is possible to enter new lines or to alter old ones. There is an auto-line number routine in the program, which will prevent the user having to put in line numbers, and a re-number routine which will re-number the whole program or only part of it.

If errors occur during the assembly process the computer will list the errors with the line on which they occur. If there are no errors you can save the machine code and run it using a one-letter command "X".

Crystal Computing, the manufacturer of Zeus, also produces a monitor and disassembler for the Spectrum. As well as doing a full disassembly, the program will display the current state of the registers and alter them if necessary. It will also substitute lines of code and move around blocks of memory.

The Zeus asembler and the monitor and disassembler have been sadly neglected in the past. Both packages can be used together and form a very powerful tool. Zeus costs £8.95 and the disassembler and monitor cost £8.95. Both packages can be obtained from Crystal Computing, 2 Ashton Way, East Herrington, Sunderland SR3 3RX.

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