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DK'Tronics Ltd
Ed Hickman
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ben Stone, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

Use of Computer: 85%
Graphics: 88%
Playability: 85%
Getting Started: 83%
Addictive Qualities: 83%
Value for Money: 84%
Overall: 85%

Zig Zag has been DK'Tronics' biggest hit so far but they've got some more games in the pipeline. The object of the game is to wander around the maze hunting for these poor innocent little creatures called Scarabaqs (I know it's a stupid name but I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for it). Once you've found one of these little thingies then you've got to trap it in a corner and interrogate them to get part of a code to proceed to higher levels in the game. If you are near a Scarabaq then an indicator flashes or if you've got a Currah Microspeech attached you are told verbally. On later levels Hoverdroids pop out of alley ways and shoot at you which drains your energy but you can destroy them just by shooting an interrogator at them.

Zig Zag was one of those games that has very nice 3D graphics but wasn't terribly playable or addictive. After a few games I'd just about completed it and I was becoming increasingly bored with the whole thing. The constant drone of the Vectrakker (the backpack that houses all of your interrogating and navigation equipment) got right up my nose and on top of that I only saw one Hoverdroid.

Zig Zag was a very playable game though there wasn't much going on. The graphics were great with the 3D maze scrolling wonderfully and the little Scarabaqs were so cute, I especially liked the way their eyes popped out when you zapped them for a second time. The idea of the game is so simple that you can get into it on your first go without much bother, though I think it wouldn't take long for an average games player to complete it or very nearly complete it. Sound and colour are both used well and overall I think I still like it. Zig Zag is a very good game for people who aren't too good at games in general or for beginners who want start off with something that isn't too complex. Overall I think I Zig Zag is a great game and could keep you up until the early hours of the morning chasing those lively Scarabaqs.

(Ben) I would change most of the ratings. 'Use of computer' down 12% to 73, 'Graphics' down 10% because there is no variation in them, it's always the same view. Both the 'Playability' and 'Addictive qualities' would suffer because I lost interest in a very short time and I found it a bit boring just chasing Scarabaqs all the while

(Rob) I don't think I would change many of the ratings because I think it's one of the best 3D maze games around. The 'Graphics' would go down by say about 5% but the 'Playability' would go up by about the same. All the other ratings still stand