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ZX Spectrum 128 +3

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John Gilbert
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IMAGINE has gained a reputation for producing games with original concepts and Zip Zap, for the 48K Spectrum, is no exception. The game centres on a robot which is the last of its race. It must collect power cells which are used with a time transporter which will extract it from its present dangerous situation and you into the next level.

It would be an understatement to say that the graphics and sound are superb. Unlike previous Imagine games, Zip Zap has a depth of concept which should keep you playing for hours.

The controls of the robot are difficult to understand at the start, until you realise that the left button will make it arc left and the right key will make it arc right.

Only when you take your finger off the key will it stop arcing. That means that you could describe a complete circle if you want to reverse to avoid the aliens which will hinder your movement at each level.

The aliens change on each level and we calculate that there are 32 types of alien which you must encounter before you return to the first type on level 33.

That means you will have to do plenty of playing to discover all of the alien types and that is what makes the game so compulsive.

Zip Zap is an excellent arcade-quality game. It can be obtained from Imagine Software, Masons Buildings, Exchange Street East, Liverpool L2 3PN. It costs £5.50.

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