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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Matthew Uffindell, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Zzoom is one of the games that was B.C. (Before CRASH). It is exactly one year old now, and was the most wanted game of the August ZX Microfair last year.

Zzoom, being a fairly old game, has held its own in the market well, probably due to its good 3D graphics. They're pleasing and realistic, especially the way that the clouds move at different speeds depending on how close or far away they are from the players view. Action is compelling and continuous, if not even tiring (it's hard work flying). The enemy aircraft 'zzoom' very realistically towards you. Overall, it's stood the test of time very well and can still be recommended as a great air to air/land and sea conflict.

I remember Zzoom being reviewed well because of the graphics, which were some of the best looking 3D at the time. I particularly liked the screen layout and fresh use of colour. As it's a pretty fast game, the periodic 'breathers' between bouts of action are quite welcome. Has it stood up well? Yes, I think so, because it is very playable and yet hard enough to be interesting and a challenge. It's one of those games that's certainly worth dusting off and putting on the computer again. With Imagine going down the pan, some of their games may enjoy a curiosity revival.

(Matthew) it never had CRASH ratings of course, but graphically its realism would still give it a fairly high rating from me, say 72%. When you're playing it you want to keep on, so it's fairly addictive, but to want to come back to it another day - that might be a bit different. I think id give its addictive qualities about 69/70%.

(Lloyd) I've enjoyed playing it again and against current competition I think I'd give it 75% for addictivity, and about the same for graphics.

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