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Rainbow Arts
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tony Dillon
Chris Bourne

Cutesy sisters Giana and Maria fall asleep one night, and find themselves in a mysterious world (Oo-ee-oo) full of rampaging eyeballs, psychotic bees and hyperactive tortoises. Using every trick they can muster, they have to run, left to right, across 32 scrolling landscapes, in search of the big diamond (Snurk - JD. Why are you snurking? That's not pervy - TH) which will return them to normal land, effectively waking them up.

All the screens consist of large, well drawn platforms, comprised of big blocks. Some blocks contain a little flashing star, and if knocked out, these can give you either of 2 things. A special icon thingy (see box) or a diamond. Collect 100 diamonds, and you get an extra life. Diamonds can also be found by headbanging (mettaaalllll) the unmarked bricks. The thing is. you can only headbang when you are a punk (see box again).

The various nasties that roam the screens are there simply to kill you, and they do so by touch. You have 3 options. Jump and avoid, jump and squash or shoot.

The graphics have been very well done. Large and cute, the animation is wonderful, and the feel is very cartoony.

Unfortunately, they don't move as well as they look. The scrolling is incredibly slow, and although the nasties move around quite quickly, Giana herself moves like a snail on a warm gluey road.

The sound is standard fare, polished but nothing astonishing. The colour schemes are, at times, completely nauseating.

Giana Sisters, unfortunately, is one of the most unplayable games I've ever seen. The joystick response easily matches the speed of the screen, and is twice as bad.

I'm sorry, but no matter how much I try to like it. I can't. Though the idea is original, and it is a new style of game for the Speccy, it's just not very good. I can't even see it appealing to fans of Mario Brothers itself.

Label: Go!
Author: Rainbow Arts
Price: £8.99 cass, £11.99 disc
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Tony Dillon

Graphics: 73
Sound: 70
Playability: 36
Lastability: 50
Overall: 55

Great idea, with some really nice graphics, playability really lets it down.


Banner Text

1 FIREBALL - Catch this and it transforms you from a sweet innocent little girlie, to a sweet little brick breaking punk.

2 LIGHTNING - Get this, and you've got firepower.

3 DOUBLE - Collect this, and your shots will rebound off things LIGHTNING

4 PINEAPPLE - An automatic guidance system for your bullets.

5 CLOCK - just what you need to freeze the nasties, for a while.

6 BOMB - Kills everything in sight.

7 DRIP - Makes you wet, thereby protecting you from fire.