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Gem Software
W.E. MacGowan
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

In Sub Chase you control an anti-submarine ship which is armed with depth charges. Depending on the level of play you have between thirty five and fifty to explode. The display shows your ship on the surface of a very calm sea, and under the surface, the submarines appear from the left moving straight across to the right.

You fire the depth charges by pressing the numerical keys, each one setting the depth at which the charge will explode. In return, some of the subs fire back with missiles which you must dodge. At the highest level the subs appear at all sorts of depths and will even change from one level to another.

The skill is in setting the correct depth at which to explode the charge and in the ti ming of sending it on its way.


'A hard game to master at the higher levels because the sub moves up and down, but with simple controls it should appeal to some. Not one of the modern complex games and easy to play.'

'The graphics are attractive - if you're unlucky enough to be hit by a missile, your ship blows up in bits and sinks. But I think the game in its present state is too simple to appeal to hardened arcade addicts. It could do with many more subs on screen at one time.'

'While it isn't as easy as I first thought, Sub Chase is too quiet to have addictivity. Perhaps it is aimed more at the younger market. Young kids should certainly find it fun to play, but zapem freaks will get bored.'

Keyboard positions: simple with only left/right, but was O/P the best option - it's quite a stretch. Numerics for fire.
Use of colour: fair
Graphics: simple but well drawn
Sound: poor
Skill levels: 4
Lives: 1
General Rating: Fair for addicts, good for children.


Screenshot Text

Run silent, run deep in SUBCHASE.