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Work Force
Jim Scarlett
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Workforce, 16K £5.50 (1)
This is an original type of creepie crawlie game but it is not a 'centipede' game, There are basically two screens. In the first our hero, Tarant Tula, finds himself in the Grubbers Lair. There's a trapdoor leading to the next screen which only opens after repeated hammerings of Tarant Tula's head. There's also a pile of honey for the bugs to eat, but Tarant (to use his first name) must take a mouthful of the honey between each attempt on the door. The Grubbers, little round things, wander about and when they meet a green, squirmy Bubbergrubber is formed. These eat honey too, and should two of them meet a Red Backed Grubber results. These are the ones that kill off old Tarant if they catch him. Aim is to get through the trap door before any amount of Red Backs are bred Tarant can, however, eat the Grubber; and Bubbergrubbers. Once through and Tarant is presented with a simple maze guarded by three Red Backs. If he should get through safely he arrives in another lair where the bugs breed faster. Neat graphics and a pretty maddeningly addictive game to play. Only one life makes for terminal furstration on nearing a hi-score. Continuous movement makes Tarant Tula a bit difficult to control although the control keys are sensibly placed. No joystick option. Overall CRASH rating 67% M/C.