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Mikro-Gen Ltd
Chris Hinsley
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Passey, Matthew Uffindell
Chris Bourne

Here we have a game with quite a good key layout. The game is a little different to the original, having only two outer base, each with individual firing. Graphically, things are average and the defending explosions are rather short in duration. A barrage of fire is impossible. Enemy missiles hitting your cities cause a nice little atomic clouds. Only smart bombs nave been included from the original. The game is 'alright' but not particularly exciting. There are no joystick options - the keys are okay (they're supposed to be user-definable, but they're not).

Although Mikrogen say this is a version of 'Missile Command' it isn't a close copy at all, with only two independently firing bases. There are the six cities, but no alien craft. The colour and graphics are above average and the sight movement keys are well placed, not quite so good for the firing keys though. The explosions look good and realistic but the cross hair moves quite slowly which makes it difficult to defend properly.

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