Cassell Ltd
Peter Dunk
ZX Spectrum 48K

John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

FOOTBALL is supposed to be a social game - so is smoking - but there is nothing very sociable about creating a database of soccer facts, and selling it as a quiz.

Rothmans Football Quick Quiz can be played by up to four teams or individuals. Topics include the FA Cup, The Scottish League Cup and Non-League Football.

There are three question formats within each quiz. Three-in-a-row gives each player a batch of three questions to answer. if one is answered wrongly, a bonus is thrown open to the other players. The race is a free for all buzzer round which uses the reply keys.

The quiz becomes tedious if you play it for more than half an hour at a time and even the most ardent soccer bibliophile is likely to give the package a free kick before long.

The package would probably not be a commercial success if it did not have the Rothmans name tagged to it. Spin-offs are justified in some instances, but is it laudable to link a cigarette manufacturer's name to a product which many 11 year olds may pick up?

John Gilbert

Publisher: Cassell
Price: £8.95
Memory: 48K