Central Solutions
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

Jerry Muir
Chris Bourne

1. This is a a) budget game; b) normal price; c) vastly overpriced: [c]

2. It is a) wholly original; b) slightly similar to something else; c) yet another Manic Miner clone: [c]

3. It has a) lots of screens; b) lots and lots of screens; c) lots and lots and lots of screens; d) only 15 screens: [d]

4. Which will a) test you beyond endurance; b) take months to complete; c) be a blessed relief: [c]

5. There are a) lots of controls; b) no controls; c) three controls: [c]

6. Which will make it ideal for a) people with lots of fingers; b) people who are into pretentiously conceptual games - Hi. Mel; c) people whose keyboards no longer work very well: [c]

7. My reaction was a) amazement; b) apathy; c) Zzzzz! [c]

8. Don't delay - buy a) a copy; b) two copies; c) a copy of Manic Miner: [c]

Label: Central Solutions
Author: Greg Holmes
Price: £0.99
Memory: 48K
Reviewer: Jerry Muir


How many of these Manic Miner lookalikes must we endure? The trick is don't buy it.