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Mastertronic Ltd
Geoff Foley
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

Giddum-up head'em-out diddly dum diddly dee Rawhide! Howdy, yawl! This is yer extra-terrestrial cowpoke hyar. This hyar is the game where yoo haf to herd them sub-culture creatures through the maze back into their pens, the little critters! Ter do this you have the haylp of yer trusty alien desperados, whom you can control from your wrist terminal. You simply moooove (chortle) your accomplices so they block the passageways, gradually cutting down the amount of places they can roam. (Oh gif me a home, where the alien subcultures roam...)

Ahem! The games controls are all alien icons, and you view the world through a little window to the bottom right of the screen. You can see a short range scan of the immediate area in the little scanner window up top. There is a scrolling status window in the centre where your computer control shows you messages about your mode or state of mind and so on.

As a game it reminds this humble cowpoke of another arcade adventure using similar techniques which I wont mention... oh, alright, Shadowfire. But in spite of this, it manages to be a real thigh-slapper. Considering how cheap it is, the graphics are very swish, and the gameplay is really quite interesting. The sub-culture creatures are well weird, a bit like enormous flies. You'll need a Vapona the size of a canoe! I think it's a great game. Get it!