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Nigel Stuart
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Pete Shaw
Chris Bourne

When I'm faced with a game like this there can only be two choices. Either I should slap myself round the face several times and yell yeehah in a silly voice to wake myself up, or the cassette tape needs to be used as a street-party-decoration when Eddy (HRH to you) decides to do the decent thing. Sadly for this game it's the latter that applies.

You control poor old Roy, the rocket builder who's certainly got his hands full, as he pushes parts of the next intergalactic craft into the assembly shaft with a shoddiness that would usually only be attributed to BL. As always, life is not all a bed of RAM chips and you have to avoid the Boing (?) whilst you work your way through a maze of corridors.

Impressed? Neither was I, especially after finally getting one part of the rocket into the shaft only to find Mr/Ms Boing had positioned itself up in the top left-hand corner of the screen making it more than a little difficult for me to reach the second part of the rocket. To make matters even worse, friendly ol' Boing did this every game. Still, what it lacks in concept it by no means makes up for in graphics and playability. The graphics, f'rinstance, look like they could happily live amongst the predefined set on the Vic 20 and the colour is so over-used that one wonders whether Paradise could be sued for starling off migraines all over the country.

Pusher has followed the rocket-building ethic too closely and has become another aborted mission. As far as I'm concerned it can push off.