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The Power House
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Kati Hamza, Paul Sumner
Chris Bourne

Earth is under attack from a fleet of colossal alien ships and you're the only one that knows about it. Your tiny scout ship is the only thing that stands between earth and its imminent destruction.

Enemies fly in over a monochrome, vertically scrolling background of aerially viewed space cruisers, firing bullets. Collision with aliens or their fire results in the immediate loss of one of five lives. Shooting the energy-giving solar panels on the huge cruisers slows down the fleet giving time for Earth's forces to regroup.

Equipment can be improved by flying over a series of flashing squares which hold extra speed, lives and ammunition.

Each level culminates in a confrontation with an alien mothership. Destroys it or simply avoid its shots to allow passage to the next level.


'For two pounds Powerama is quite a pleasing little shoot 'am up. At first the graphics may not seem up to much, but the alien hordes are originally drawn and swarm around the screen at a controllable pace. Colour, not extensively used in games of this type, is limited - only a few blobs on bonus objects - but are, like the game in general, smoothly scrolled. Some of the ground objects may seem familiar (like the main ship and those little blocks, both from Uridium) but for £1.99 you can't complain. Good to see a starting level option - although even the first level is reasonably frantic. Let's hope that The Power House continue producing software of this higher quality' PAUL ... 60%

'As another vertically scrolling, monochrome shoot 'em up to add to the ever-growing list, Powerama definitely holds Its own. It's nothing spectacular but, within the limits it sets itself, it's competently presented and very playable. As much as possible has been done to increase the life-time of the game. Aliens descend in different formations on every level so you don't need to go into automatic pilot every time you play and you can begin on any one of the first four stages. If you're after a cheap and standard shoot 'em up, and as long as you're not too bothered about designer graphics, Powerama might just be the one' KATI ... 62%

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: monochromatic. Originally drawn aliens, very smooth animation
Sound: limited spot effects
General Rating: An addictive little shoot 'em up representing good value for money.


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The Power House's best.