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Not Known
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


GARDENING can be a lethal business in the post-holocaust world of Millypede, from Add-On Electronics. In this version of the standard arcade game, plant and animal life has mutated after an inter-gaLactic fusion bomb has devasted the Earth. To prevent mutant bugs and creepy-crawlies getting into your family anti-fusion shelter you must zap and zap again as the mushroom patch is invaded by inexorable splitting millypedes.

Sickly bouncing spiders trampoline across your field of fire and you have to stay well clear of their trajectories if you want to survive to do the weeding another day.

You move and fire your laser with the QWERTY keys and you can shift the base up into the lower part of the screen to avoid any ravening bugs which have reached the bottom line. The machine code graphics are colourful and the millypedes snake and ladder down the mushrooms at an alarming rate. Your score is reckoned by the number of mushrooms, millypede segments and spiders you eliminate and there is a high score initialling facility.

Millypede is a reasonably fast and compulsive variant of an arcade oldie and will have you returning for just one more try, but watch for that darned spider. The game, runs on any Spectrum.

Memory: 16 or 48K
Price: £5.00