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Not Known
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

As the name suggests, this Is the venerable 'Centipede' on the rampage again. All the usual features are present in this version from the centipede itself to the spider and another 'thing'. Red and green mushrooms which need only a single shot to destroy them, play their usual part and the monsterpede breaks up into segments when shot. 'You' can move left and right and upwards for about four character blocks.

The general presentation of this particular version is dreadful. The cassette inlay has been printed for the Aquarius and crudely overstuck with red Spectrum stickers, all the loading instructions are for the Aquarius inside and there are no Instructions as to the control keys or joystick options (if there are any). The tape we received (from sales stock and not for review purposes) was badly over-recorded and the information only began some one and a half minutes into the tape.


'The version is quite a good one, but because I have now played it so many times I found it boring and unaddictive. There must be as many 'centipede' games for the Spectrum as a millipede has legs.'

'The graphics are fairly detailed and it looks like a reasonable copy of the original arcade game. A game like this must move and fire quickly, and this version lives up to those expectations.'

'I don't know when this version was really released, a long time ago I suspect, when it was reasonable. It's a simple game to program and it should look good without much trouble. Millypede certainly looks okay, but I think a bit much to put out Spectrum cassettes in Aquarius packaging. The game is out of date now, but for those who really still yearn for the good old days, I would say that there are better versions around than this.'

Control keys: Q/W = left/right, E/R= down/up, T= fire and S to start, Not very good layout
Joystick option: none
Keyboard play: responsive and fast
Use of colour good
Graphics: jerky, average
Sound: continuous, fair
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 3
General Rating: Old but fairly serviceable.


Screenshot Text

The venerable creepie pops up again.