Digital Dexterity
J. Plunkett
Board Game
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Digital Dexterity, 48K £6.50 (3)
Author: J. Plunkett
Star Trade is an intergalactic version of 'Monopoly' with a few variations. The property board is laid out in quite a different fashion, but bears similarities in that properties come in blocks depending on their purchase price range. There are other recognisable features like GO, Jail (or Remand Block), a safe area (or Dock) and chance cards. The properties have exotic names like Phobos, Io or Ceres, and between 1 and 9 players may take part against each other and the computer (or Trader). The instructions are on one side of the tape and the game on the other, but the game is run by computer prompts throughout so this presents no real problem. The graphics are efficient, although a little hard to read because of the crammed screen detail, and the colour could have been better used to alleviate the overall drab effect. An above average board game for those who like the type. Overall CRASH rating 55%, machine code.