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Postern Ltd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

As its name implies, this is another 'Dig-Dug' digger game, where you wander the screen, creating pathways along which monsters will chase you. The object is to collect the many cherries on the screen and avoid the chasers by undermining the large apples to either block a passageway or, better still, squash them dead. The ultimate prize for Dinky is the lime cake at the centre of the screen.

Clearing a screen results in another with even faster monsters. Apart from apples, Dinky can use crystal balls to throw at the approaching monsters, throwing in the direction of movement but he's only given two to use.


'I found this game very unplayable. The monsters seem to be super fast while Dinky has feet of lead. On most occasions there's not even time to tunnel enough to be able to turn around and throw your crystal ball. The odds are heavily stacked against you, making the game very hard. But not 'hard' as in 'challenging' or 'difficult', but 'hard' as in not given a chance. The graphics are reasonable, but the so-called 'mind-blowing sound effects' tend to leave a little to be desired. Fair to poor and for kamikazes only. If this is priced at Postern's usual ?7 price, then it's terrible value for money.'

I1 this was skill level 50, then I might understand it, but as there is only the one speed/skill level option, I don't. Did the author or producer of the game try it out? Did anyone play test it? If they did, then all I can say is that Cheltenham must breed super heroic arcade players. In my opinion all the skill elements of this game have been got wrong. It just doesn't work! A pity for the graphics, which are quite good.'

'I'm afraid Dinky Digger is unplayable because the monsters move too fast - Dinky doesn't stand a chance, especially with only two crystal balls. If he'd had more balls (not guts, just balls) it might have been a better game. In a sense, it doesn't matter but, why did they have to put that tune in between each very short life - it soon becomes maddening.'

Control keys: top row = throw ball, second row = up, third row = down, left & right, alternate keys on bottom row
Joystick: none
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour poor, a rather yucky green screen
Sound: just average
Skill levels: progressive impossibility
Lives: 3

General Rating: Poor to fair, and poor value.


Screenshot Text

Chance would be a fine thing in Dinky Digger.