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Arcade: Action
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Chris Bourne

When we first saw the advertisement which mentioned Crash, we were quite excited thinking that someone had named a game after us! Expectations that it would be a good game were soon dashed however. Mogul may be better known for their Commodore software, and one hopes so, because these few games they have for the Spectrum are simply not up to scratch, let alone Crash.

Crash is a primitive driving game in which you guide a car around the screen, which is crowded with green lumps of cargo for which you get points. blue petrol pumps which keep you going longer, purple mechanics who you're supposed to avoid, and red houses that can be fatal if hit.

The object is to clear the screen of all the cargo. Depending on the skill level selected, you may run over a few mechanics without losing your life, but too many will result in their taking action against you for dangerous driving. On higher levels of play, a single mechanic may prove fatal. It might all have been interesting if it had been worth it in the first place.


'I can't believe a game like this is being marketed today, it is very boring, unaddictive, pointless and a waste of time and money. The car is not easily controlled due to lack of response in the keys, the colour isn't very bright and the sound is pathetically weedy. There are better things to waste your money on than this.'

'Crash exhibits all the characteristics of a very BASIC game with poor, slow block graphics, slow reading of the control keys, and a completely undeveloped idea. Its only saving grace is user-definable keys, but that's a bit like putting silk gloves on a pig's foot.'

'I can't think Crash is seriously meant for the arcade game playing addict, perhaps for his very young brother. The game offers nothing in the way of graphic delights and less than nothing in the playing (it can even give you a minus score). Less said the better.'

Control keys: up/down/left/right - user-definable
Joystick: Kempston, or almost anything via UDK
Keyboard play: very slow
Use of colour: fair
Graphics: poor, simple blocks
Sound: poor
Skill levels: 10
Lives: 1

General Rating: A waste of money, may have some appeal for younger children.


Screenshot Text

Small characters chase each other in search of a game.