Elfin Software Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

Robert Ledbury, Mark Manning, Mike Skinner
Chris Bourne

You're a little bug, and the aim is to stuff yourself full of strawberries. But take care to avoid the giant spiders because if they catch you, you're dead.

Mark: There's almost nothing to recommend this game - except the speed, which is just about right. The graphics are far too small and lacking in any detail, and there's hardly any use of colour. MISS

Mike: This is the worst game I have ever seen! The graphics are unrecognisable, the speed is too fast and it's totally lacking in originality. What's more, the sound alone is enough to make you turn off. MISS

Robert: It's a game that's easy to control, but still challenging. The trouble is every screen is the same, soon makes play boring. MISS