Not Known
Arcade: Pinball
ZX Spectrum 16K

Jon Hall, Tony Samuels, Mark Knight
Chris Bourne

The title really speaks for itself; a simulation of the old arcade favourite, and a rather complex one at that, complete with flippers, spring action firing, bumpers, and many others.

Tony: This game is so well written that everything works as it does on a real pinball machine. The flippers move instantaneously, and the scoring makes excellent use of sound. 9/10

Mark: The perfect choice of colour and superb graphics all go to make this a most amazing simulation. Ball movement is impressive and very realistic. 10/10

John: A brilliant idea that's totally absorbing and so addictive it makes this game one of the best to have been put on the Spectrum. Only one thing: perhaps it would have been nice if a change of scenery had been included. 10/10