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Virgin Games Ltd
Chris Sievey
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: Well, like, er, man, this is one tremendously bankable game even if it lacks stage presence in visual terms. Virgin has turned back to what it, like any record industry outfit made big, does best - explaining how the completely talentless can become international megastars.

The Biz is a perfect teaching aid for bongo thumpers on the make. It leads aspirants through the rock rat race, underlining how it's much more important to know the wheeling and dealing techniques than learning a few wretched riffs to strum. Just like in real life, you can forget E sharp and F flats because the only important notes have pictures of the queen on 'em.

The cassette, besides carrying the necessary Spectrum-dedicated program, also has eight audio recordings including that well-known smash hit 'I'm in love with the girl on the Virgin Manchester Megastore checkout desk'... No, well I've never heard of it either, but there again I've never heard of you... If you get really good at the game, though, and become the first person to score a No. 1 hit, I might just start throwing knickers at you from the audience, along with millions of other screaming fans, because you'll actually be invited to record with Chris Sievey and The Freshes and appear live on stage. A Doo Wop, a loo bop a wham bam boom? 3/5 HIT

Dave: I'm about as musical as a prune so I thought that I'd be quite good at this. Four singles and a year later I'd managed to get to number 120! Mind you, I did make a lot of money from live performances - perhaps the punters thought I was a comedy act! Horribly addictive and great fun - see you on The Tube. 4/5 HIT

Ross: If music be the way to earn a fortune, you can count me in. This really is the biz. 4/5 HIT