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B. Bartis
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Derek Brewster
Chris Bourne

This is another in the 'Games for girls' series. The objective of the game is to help Bobo, a young African girl, to get home safely from school through the jungle.

The game consists of two parts.

The first part is a mastermind style game, set in the school, where you try to guess the four objects concealed in the four jars. You have six guesses in a limited time determined by the level of play, 1-5. You can play with or without sound, which is a nice touch. The prizes Bobo wins help her bribe the creatures to allow her safe passage through the jungle. The graphics and sound are good and the movement of hamburgers, books, eggs and coconuts along the bottom of the screen is very smooth:

You enter the second part of the game carrying forward the objects you guessed correctly from the first part, e.g. two books, a hamburger and an egg. You see a map flashed up on to the screen for about a second (level 1) and what you can remember of the positions of snakes, gorillas, owls and cannibals is used to help navigate your way through the jungle. Bobo starts at the bottom left of the screen and you must guide her to her hut diagonally to the opposite corner.

On your journey across the screen you meet shops and creatures. If you are quick enough you can buy an item (preferably one you couldn't bring from the first part) at the shop since you are never sure which creature you will bump into next. An owl demands a book, a snake an egg, a cannibal a hamburger and a gorilla coconut. If too slow at giving up the object demanded you lose one of your five lives. At higher levels the flash indicating the creatures, positions is shorter and you are given less time to shop or give up the objects.

Jungle Adventures emerged as one of the more addictive games to pass through my tape recorder this month. It is a simple game but has that easy charm of a game well thought out and colourfully implemented. A game for girls, boys and the young at heart.