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M.L. Knights
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Omadan Attack is a space shoot em up in the tradition of Crystal's Cyberzone. The type of game where you have to shoot away the thick forcefield protecting a ship which is firing at you, before you can blow it up.

The mothership - a sort of yellow Tie Fighter shape, is at the top of the screen, firing laser blasts downwards through its thick protective shield. Your ship moves across at the bottom of the screen tiring up. To either side at the base there are laser blast suppliers as you can only fire 20 blasts before needing to refuel. Additionally, your ship is unable to destroy the mothership once it's exposed, so you must call up a more powerful cannon to do the job. This cannon is no use for getting rid of the powerful forcefield however. The cannon will appear immediately below wherever your ship is placed at the time of call-up and will vanish again after firing a shot or if you lose a life.


'Although there have been several versions of this type of game before it is still quite addictive as an idea. Sadly this program does nothing to add to previous games as it has primitive block graphics. The forcefield is just a group of pale blue character squares, three thick and about ten long. When you shoot at it, a block disappears each time, nothing like the lovely effect in Cyber Zone. It may have been wonderful two years ago, but not today.'

'I couldn't get on with this at all. An element of playability appears to have been attempted by giving you only 20 laser blasts before refuelling is necessary, but as this adds no risk and does not detract from a time limit, it seems to be pointless as an addition to the game. Also, the mothership's blasts sometimes destroy you when they haven't really touched you. Poor graphics and use of colour, and overall a poor game.'

'The packaging on this game is very simple, just a pale card with text on it, so no one can complain that they were misled by the amazing cover. Just as well, because what's inside isn't really worth bothering with.'

Control keys: 1/2 left/right, 8 = call up cannon 7 = fire cannon, 0 = fire laser
Joystick: none
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour: poor
Graphics: fast but small and very primitive
Sound: good
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 4
Screens: based on an old game idea with a few new additions that seem to have little point
General Rating: Poor.


Screenshot Text

The mothership gets in an accurate shot on your laser base. The moth-eaten block near the top is the forcefield.