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Elephant Software
Not Known
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Hemmingway, Frank Pelling, Owen Pugh
Chris Bourne

As the captain of space craft Red Beard 2, you begin a reign of terror in the outer orbits of Earth. Decisions are made via the on-board computer - because, unfortunately, RB2 is out of date and doesn't possess the obligatory 'chase' feature, found in all modern craft.

Ian: It's a game that tries to incorporate graphics action with information from the on-board computer. Unfortunately, the graphics are more like those to be found in ZX81 programs, and the text is often unreadable - because of the poor choice of colours. Playability is virtually nonexistent, and it won't keep anyone sitting at their machines for long.

Frank: The most exciting features of this game are the blue and yellow lines that squiggle over the screen as the program is loading. The graphics are unclear and ill-defined, while the colours blend so well that it's not always possible to read the displayed information; the sound just makes matters still worse.

Owen: The game is quite fast, and responds quickly to your commands; it's just a pity it doesn't include a self destruct button! There's almost no sound, which means that it can't irritate you too much; unfortunately, the graphics are aggravating and distinguishing between items of printed information is virtually impossible.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

The status report area of the screen detailing conditions of the ship (note the wacky spelling of 'weapons').

An amazing screen layout designed lo confuse all but the most patient.

This area of the screen is designated for the mighty space battles. Hope you've stayed awake that long!

Yet another status report area — this one tells you how the ship is taking the lack of strain.