IMS Software
David Brown [2]
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

John Gilbert
Chris Bourne

ACCORDING to the instructions, the purpose in Waydor is simply to collect a set of treasures and return them to their proper place. The game is set in a fairly undefined world of villages, castles and rolling hills and there are the obligatory underground labyrinths. A few monsters are thrown in for good measure.

The game uses location graphics, which add little to the 'plot' and you are constantly treated to a redrawing of the picture if you enter Look.

The lack of any story line means that it is difficult to feel involved in the proceedings and there is little sense of playing a role. Mechanically searching, examining and moving is all very well but the process tends to come fairly automatically to most experienced adventurers. If you are to feel part of a world and a process of discovery you will expect to get detailed description and scene setting. Don't look to Waydor for this.

Richard Price

Memory: 48K