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Arcade: Platform
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Chris Bourne

Guide Boris, the bomb disposal expert, around many of the world's greatest Cities. Collect detonators planted by the evil Cyril Saboteur and save the world from its impending doom - it says on the inlay. The detonators are obviously rather big ones, judging from the lively loading screen, which shows a city under the pall of what must be an atomic explosion. The on-screen instructions make all clear as the text scrolls upwards - they're nuclear detonators.

Bombscare is basically a platform game with each screen set around a famous monument such as the Sphinx and Great Pyramid on screen one. On the several platform are purple detonators which may be collected by walking over them. When one goes red, it is about to explode, so it makes sense to try and get those first, as you're not allowed much time. Control is with a left/right and jump key but there are ropes on some screens to be climbed and descended.


'Bombscare is quite a good little platform game. The graphics etc. are not up to the standards of MM but nonetheless they are above average, if somewhat simple. The game is fairly difficult and mildly addictive. I would like a sound on/off control as this begins to get on one's nerves after a while - also the inter-screen/game pause is too Ion$. Overall, well above average.'

'This is a novel platform game because you can see famous sites around the world as you battle to save them from Cyril Saboteur. The graphics are fine and the sounds are alright. The game itself is quite fun to play and very frustrating, almost to the point of despair - mat the only thing that marred an otherwise good game. It's just a bit too hard to start off with. So, quite a good platform game with some nice graphics, and what makes it even better is that CRASH (in logo form) is the Hall of Fame Slime - or was this just bribery in the pre-production copy!?'

'This must be one of the most difficult platform games I've played for months, so much so that it seems to me that this will definitely spoil the yability of the game. Colour hasn't been really well used in this game, and everything seemed to be a little bit too small. Sound is well used, but does drive you up the wall and does delay play between lives and screens. Generally, an over-finicky game as far as controlling your character goes.'

Control keys: O/P left/right, Q/A climb/descend rope, SYM SHIFT to jump
Joystick: none
Keyboard play: responsive but finicky
Use of colour: average although not much
Graphics: some nice drawings of famous sites, playing graphics on the small side
Sound: nice tune and spot effects
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 3
Screens: several
General Rating: Above average, mildly addictive, though difficult.


Screenshot Text

Going up, 2nd floor - sarcophagae and embalming fluids, 3rd floor - and nuclear detonators...