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Psion Software Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Theodora Wood
Chris Bourne

TWO new programs by Psion and ASK, designed to improve mental arithmetic, mix arcade action with a mental workout. Estimator Racer takes the form of a car rally, at first on clear roads, then with hazards, and some night driving before the end.

A sum appears at the bottom of the screen and you have to steer the car into the lane labelled with a number nearest the answer.

If you are not in the correct lane at the half kilometre mark you are stopped and gently reminded. All that wastes time, of course, and the object of the game is to finish the rally as fast as possible.

Four types of car can be chosen, and a practice rally of any part of the game. You can choose any kind of sum, + - * /, and of course the faster the car the harder the sum. At 300 kph the half kilometre mark happens rather too often.

Number Painter is a similar program using a ladder game. You are given a target number and then have to reach the target from your start number. Various numbers are dotted round the screen, +4, *7, - 3 , /5, and the object is to paint out those numbers until you reach the target. There is a choice of painting gangs to vary speed.

Theo Wood

Memory: 16K
Joystick: Not specified
Price: £4.95