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Bob Hamilton
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


THE MANUFACTURER of Black Hole, for the 16K and 48K Spectrum, claims that the concept of this space game is completely new. So far as we can tell, the claim is not exaggerated.

The player must move around a black hole using positive and negative ion guns and a neutron blaster to destroy the hordes of aliens which spin and slide down the screen with terrifying speed.

The explosion effects are some of the best we have seen and the effects of the weapons are very interesting. When the player fires the neutron gun the ray emits curves, destroying everything in its path. That deadly advantage is soon equalled by the invaders, who storm down the screen destroying everything but the black hole which glows with odd colours.

The game has a learning mode in which you can practise your destructive talents. That mode contains no score and your spaceship will not be destroyed as in the play mode.

As a first effort in the Spectrum market, Quest Software has produced an entertaining and original space game. Black Hole costs £5.50.

Not Rated