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Utility: Music
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Adrian Wagner, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

This software package comes complete with a seven-page manual, which tells you that the Play program plays tunes entered as a series of BEEP and PAUSE Basic statements. The question is, why was the program written at all?

Having loaded the cassette, you're asked how many sharps and flats are required; the problem here is that your key signature will contain either sharps or flats, but not both! After you've waded through a couple of screens giving you information on the pitch card and how to cope with metronome markings, you're in for a real thrill. The program breaks out and asks you to type your tune in Basic. What all this means is that after you've shelled out your hard-earned money for this package, you're told to type in the equivalent of what appears in chapter 19 of your Spectrum manual. Out of interest, I tried writing a tune and altering the musical parameters, but it made not the slightest difference.

The other program in this package is Music Typing and Transposing which is much the same as Play - tedious and boring.


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Either I've missed something crucial, or there isn't anything in this program that couldn't be explained better on paper. After the program's loaded, you're asked to type in the key you want to play in and the speed you want to play it at. Then, instead of diving into same all-signing, all-dancing music editor, the program stops and asks you to type in the relevant BEEP statements for yourself, providing a "pitch card" on-screen for reference purposes. Try reading the Spectrum manual and save yourself some cash! 1/5 Peter Shaw