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Ben Edgington
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This real-time adventure is aimed at teaching children about the Highway Code. The player must guide Sam across the town according to the instructions: 'Little Sam Safety wants to reach my house in time for tea. Can you walk him across town picking up prizes on the way to get points. To cross the road you must use:

The Green Cross Code
Zebra Crossings
Pelican Crossings
Footbridges and Subways

If a printer is attached, the player will receive a Road Safety Certificate on successful completion of the task.

This is a very carefully thought-out and friendly program which encourages the player to answer questions on road signs and traffic drill. The Parents' Page allows the adult to design the map and to insert the hazards which need to be overcome on the route. Crossings can be positioned at appropriate places, and cars can be parked on the left or right hand side of roads for instance.

The package comes complete with some fluorescent stickers which youngsters might use on school bags, hikes etc. All in all a highly recommended game.


Control Keys: cursor keys (5,6.7.8) to move Sam, C for help crossing; L to look left; R to look right; M to look at map; X to end game; Caps Shift/Q for Parents' Page
Keyboard Play: quite responsive
Use of Colour: very well done. As accurate as possible on road signs
Graphics: very good representation of road signs
General Rating: A very useful prgram which succeeds in its aim of being both educational and entertaining.

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