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Rose Software
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This French vocabulary package contains six short programs aimed at the '0' Level pupil. The first three test knowledge on specific topics such as shopping, weather, the home and travel. The user can choose from several options, translating from English to French or vice versa and can opt to either key in the answer or just think it out!

The fourth program is the homework tester, which allows the user to type in words in order to test vocabulary, while programs 5 and 6 revise common expressions and irregular verbs respectively.

The main problem I found with the programs in this package is that they demand complete accuracy. In the section on personal descriptions, for example, the program will not accept the answers 'I am ten' or I am 10' as the translation for 'J'ai dix ans ' . The only acceptable answer is 'I am ten years old' Having said that, however, I am sure that the package will be of use to pupils studying for the '0 ' Level examination, although I found it to be rather dull and repetitive but studying for exams can he dull and repetitive at the best of times! I doubt, though, that the incentives for achieving success in some of the programs (building a wall with the words 'Tres bien' written on it, in one case) will have much appeal L sixteen year old pi gad s'


Control keys: answers are typed in with number keys being used to Insert the various accents in the English to French options
Keyboard play: very slow
Use of colour: adequate
Graphic' reasonable
General Rating: There is a place for this type of rote-learning package in exam revision, but although the six programs include a variety of topics, the presentation could have been more interesting. Also the programs crash if BREAK is inadvertantly touched, which is a rather extreme approach to software protection!

Not Rated