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Phipps Associates
Barry G. Cornhill
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Phipps Associates, 48K £5.95
Author B G Cornhill
A mammoth game for wet Sundays. You'll need a printer or a note pad or a good memory, for the complex of instructions are on one side and the game on the other. Your task is to rid the space lanes of pirates whose home is on the Black Planet, which is invisible until you find the Key, which has been broken into seven parts and distributed on seven different planets, which each have a different arcade adventure, which each has different key instruction, which means you've got to know it all backwards! That said, it's tons of fun. The cockpit view with moving stars is very good. An instrument panel tells you where you are in space, where the star base is or the planets on which you must land. Navigating is quite difficult, but if you get it right the sight of a planet looming up is very cimenatic, You can land manually or use the auto-docking feature. Between planets you may well be attacked by the pirates who know you are after them, in which case you are into a furious dog fight. It's not a game for a few moments. Excellent value and highly recommended.