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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

There are many quiz programs on the market, and this is one of the best I 've seen. The computer is ideally suited to the role of quizmaster of course, but not all the available quiz games are as flexible as this one, which can be played by one or two players, or even by two teams.

One side of the cassette contains the game and information about it, and you really have to run through the instructions quite carefully. The game consists of a word supplied with several letters missing, and also a clue. The time taken to answer the questions is also important as this will affect your score. Once the main program has been loaded, the player has to choose a password which is necessary if you want to see answers and clues before starting the game, or if you want to change the questions. The menu gives the following options; load quiz data (from a choice of 10 subjects ranging from Food and Drink to Greek Mythology); single or two player game: alter the time allowance; select pictures or words; view/alter quiz data and create and save new quiz data. The best thing about this program is its flexibility - it has endless potential both for home use and for schools. The game is thoroughly enjoyable to play, and it also provides a useful educational experience, giving at the end a list of all the words you didn't get or that you spelt wrongly. You can also obtain a print-out of what is being shown on the screen, and the whole thing can be transferred to Microdrive if desired.


Control keys: whole keyboard used
Keyboard play: fast
Use of colour: clear and vivid
Graphics: good
Panel's comments: Good game. You could play it for ages without getting bored, and it was quite easy to put in you own questions. This is the best of all!
General Rating: An excellent multi-feature game which provides superb value for money.