Computer Tutor
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Blockbuster (not to be confused with the popular TV quiz game) is a puzzle 'with a million billion variations' . The child has to make a rectangle out of 12 different blocks which appear on the screen. The screen itself is divided into three pans. At the top is the STORE where the blocks are displayed before being used: on the right is the WORKBOX where the blocks can be rotated before being positioned on the board; and to the left is the BOARD marked with a grid where the rectangle is to be made.

The game is very good for developing skills of spatial awareness, and there is also the option of playing it in its quiz version. If you get 12 questions correct, you are given a complete solution as to the creation of the rectangle. As with all the programs in the Clever Clogs series, pressing CAPS SHIFT/Q takes you to a secret Parents' Page, and enables you to reset the questions. Another useful and flexible game.


Control keys: P to place a piece on the board, M to move a piece to the workbox, S to move a piece back to the store, 0 to end the game. CAPS SHIFT/0 to reset the questions
Keyboard play: very responsive
Use of colour: bright and clear
Graphics: simple but effective
Panel's comments: we thought it was a reasonably good game, but it would be better for schools rather than home use.
General Rating: Surprisingly difficult for young children. An adult really needs to be on hand all the time for help and advice.