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AVP Computing
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This program is a shop simulation which may be used to provide dynamic illustrations of a wide range of processes including price setting, profit and loss, stock organisation, customer reaction and so on. At the beginning, there is a choice between playing the game and the study option. The program displays all aspects of trading in both tabulated and graphic formats, and the arm, of course, is to work towards a profit making business over the number of weeks a period of up to twenty weeks may be selected.

At the start of trading, the stock in hand consists of 25 Mars bars, 25 Kit-Kats, 18 bottles of Pepsi and 15 of lemonade, together with £3 of cash. The player then has to set prices for this initial stock to produce an income which will enable replacement stock to be purchased, cover overheads and losses, and also generate some profit.

The accompanying booklet gives helpful information and advice essential for succeeding in the task, while the screen displays show the trade details for each week of business, which can be sub-divided into weekly charts for each of the food items. Up to two assistants may be hired, a move which has the advantage of improving service and thus generating more potential customers, but of course staff cost money, and may prove to be dishonest! The number of factors to be borne in mind while running the business makes this game interesting and absorbing. Prices have to be set each week, staff fired or hired, goods re-ordered, overheads paid, and all the while the graphic and tabulated information must be read and understood.

The study option simulates a typical trading pattern with realistic fluctuations within an acceptable range, but the game eliminates random factors and produces exact relationships. The cassette costs £10, and on Microdrive it sells for £12.


Control keys: kept simple and clearly described on the screen
Keyboard play: very fast
Use of colour: black and white only
Graphics: very good
General Rating: A useful and enjoyable simulation program. The abscence of colour if unimportant and makes the screen displays much easier to read. For encouraging thinking and the weighing up of information, this game is invaluable.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

Our Cameron tries his hand at a bit of BUYING AND SELLING - it looks like he's flogging off lots of lemonade to make ends meet. It's be the CRASH Camera next!