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AVP Computing
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This very enjoyable program aims to improve a child's familiarity and skill with multiplication tables. At the beginning, the user can select the time limit and set the highest number table on which questions will be asked during the session. A scoring system is in operation, so that high marks are awarded for choosing a short time limit and a difficult table. By holding down key 5, the child can get help from the computer, but will lose five points. The questions are clearly displayed on the screen together with a choice of four possible answers. This makes the program accessible even to less able children, and the time element means that older children and adults can also have fun with it.

During play, the computer gives helpful remarks, offers suggestions and words of encouragement based on the user's performance, and at the end it is possible to obtain a certificate via a printer, or to request the computer to draw a pattern on the screen. My only criticism of this excellent little program is that it is not possible to turn off the sound which began to drive me mad! The Tablespeed cassette costs £9, or £12 for the Microdrive version.


Control keys: choose the option by pressing keys 1-4
Keyboard play: very responsive
Graphics: limited but attractive
Use of colour: very good
General Rating: A very effective and enjoyable program for use with anyone from the age of 7.

Not Rated

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Not bad at multiplication tables, is Cameron. he's so good, he's playing TABLESPEED at full speed: two seconds a go.