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Mirrorsoft Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

This two cassette pack contains Mr Noisy's Word Game or children learning to read, and Read With Mr Bounce for more advanced readers. The first game helps the child to understand three sorts of words which sometimes cause confusion opposites, comparatives and superlatives. There are nine short games in this section, the first four introducing words such as tall/short, high/low, wide/narrow and fat/thin, while the next two give practice in turning these adjectives into their comparative and superlative forms. The final three games provide an opportunity to practise all the skills learned.

In all the games, words are large and easy to read and the graphics are most attractive. Read With Mr Bounce extends the skills already covered and introduces the understanding of words such as in. on, outside the animated graphics show the meaning of each concept in a very clear way before giving the child the option of typing in the word which shows where Mr Bounce is. For this, a plastic overlay is supplied, displaying the letter keys in their lower case form. The overlay is fine for the ordinary Spectrum but useless for the Plus.

Both Mr Noisy's Word Game and Read With Mr Bounce give the child the chance to obtain a printout, and the glossy booklet contains details on how to play the games together with colourful pictures of the characters.


Control keys: ENTER, 1 and 0 for the easier games, letter keys for the more complex ones
Keyboard play: very responsive
Graphics: excellent
Use of colour: very good indeed
General Rating: An enjoyable and entertaining package of games, though again I would lower the age range as all the 8 year olds I know have outgrown the Mr Men!

Not Rated